Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics VIII

Volumes 417-418

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hyun Kyu Jun, Won Hee You

Abstract: Rolling contact fatigue initiated defects such as surface corrugation, head check, squat, are one of growing problems in high speed railway...

Authors: Jeong Guk Kim, Sung Tae Kwon, Sung Cheol Yoon

Abstract: The hot spot generation has been considered as the main degradation mechanism in railway brake disc. Therefore, the understanding of hot...

Authors: Jana Horníková, Pavel Šandera, Jaroslav Pokluda

Abstract: A numerical analysis by means of the ANSYS code was performed in order to identify the ratio of both stress intensity factors and crack tip...

Authors: Ivo Černý, Dagmar Mikulová

Abstract: Water jet cutting is an advanced technology of separating and machining materials. It is well known, however, that fatigue properties are...

Authors: Rainer Falkenberg, Wolfgang Brocks, Wolfgang Dietzel, Ingo Schneider

Abstract: The effect of hydrogen on the mechanical behaviour is twofold: It affects the local yield stress and it accelerates material damage. On the...

Authors: Bruno Atzori, Giovanni Meneghetti, Mauro Ricotta

Abstract: In this paper the low cycle fatigue behaviour of an AISI 304L stainless steel is analysed on the basis of energy concepts. In particular...

Authors: Ales Belsak, Jurij Prezelj

Abstract: In diagnostics, the condition of mechanical systems can be determined very reliably on the basis of noise. Noise source visualization is...

Authors: P. Agrianidis, T. Agrianidis, K.G. Anthymidis, A. Trakali

Abstract: Aluminum matrix composites reinforced by ceramic particles are well know for their good thermo-physical and mechanical properties. As a...

Authors: Luca Giordano, Giuseppe Mancini, Francesco Tondolo

Abstract: Corrosion modifies the steel-concrete interface in reinforced concrete structures. The efficiency of the connection between the two...

Authors: Luca Giordano, Giuseppe Mancini, Francesco Tondolo

Abstract: Bond between steel and concrete in reinforced concrete structures plays a fundamental role. The stress transfer mechanism depends on the...


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