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Authors: Mario Guagliano, Sara Bagherifard, Ines Fernàndez Parienete, Ramin Ghelichi
Abstract:Surface grain refinement is a relatively new process aimed to enhance mechanical material properties. In this study Al7075-T6 bars have been...
Authors: Sara Bagherifard, Ines Fernàndez Parienete, Ramin Ghelichi, Mario Guagliano, Simone Vezzù
Abstract:Coating deposition processes such as cold spraying are commonly employed to increase wear and fatigue resistance and consequently to enhance...
Authors: Yeon Su Kim, Kang Won Lee, Jai Kyun Mok, Song Gyu Leem, Jong Cheol Jeong
Authors: Yasuhiro Kanto
Abstract:A new triangular element of Hermitian type, i.e., the degrees of freedom includes differentiation of value as well as value itself, is...
Authors: F. Nakamura, Tomoyasu Abe, Toshio Hattori, Minoru Yamashita
Abstract:The stress and displacement fields near the bonding edge, sharp notch, and contact edge show singularity behaviours, so methods of evaluating...
Authors: Li Hong Yang, Guang Ping Zou, Li Ping Yang, Xue Yi Zhang
Abstract:A complete analysis was made for an isotropic hardening rate-type elastoplastic constitutive model with the logarithmic stress rate utilizing...
Authors: Shigenobu Kainuma, Kunihiro Sugitani, Yoshihiro Ito, In Tae Kim
Abstract:The purpose of this research is to propose a method for evaluating the time-dependent corrosion behavior of carbon steel plates using an...
Authors: A. Fernández Canteli, E. Giner, D. Fernández Zúñiga, J. Fernández Sáez
Abstract:In this paper, the path and area components of the Jx1-integral, JP and JA, in three dimensional elastic cracked plates under mode-I loading...
Authors: Nicolae Constantin, Ştefan Sorohan, Mircea Găvan, Viorel Anghel
Abstract:The study had in view various aspects which can arise during the low velocity impact tests made on composite pipes/tubes. It implied...
Authors: Jun Lin Li, Shao Qin Zhang
Abstract:The problem of orthotropic bi-materials semi-infinite interfacial crack was studied, by constructing new stress functions and using composite...
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