Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics VIII

Volumes 417-418

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sayed Mahmoud, Robert Jankowski

Abstract: Interactions between adjacent, insufficiently separated buildings have been repeatedly observed during major earthquakes. This phenomenon,...

Authors: A. Fontana, M. Minotti, Pietro Salvini

Abstract: High speed MODE I crack growth in elastic-plastic materials, involving large scale plasticity and dynamic effects connected to rapid...

Authors: Michael Marx, Wolfgang Schäf, Markus T. Welsch, Horst Vehoff

Abstract: From the emission of dislocations till short crack propagation fatigue is a local process determined by the microstructure. In this paper we...

Authors: Gan Yun Huang, Shou Wen Yu

Abstract: A crack problem in a micropolar piezoelectric solid is considered. By using simplified constitutive relations, the problem can be reduced to...

Authors: Matteo Cova, Paolo Livieri, Luca Susmel, Roberto Tovo

Abstract: In the field of cast metals, fatigue strength assessment necessarily deals with the strength reduction caused by randomly distributed...

Authors: Simon Hehl, Till Vallée, Thomas Tannert, Yu Bai

Abstract: Joining timber structural elements using mechanical fasteners goes against the anisotropic and fibrous nature of the material. Adhesive...

Authors: Yang Jian Xu, Dai Hui Tu

Abstract: A NFE model is constructed to analyze the heating steady thermal stress in a ceramic/FGM/metal composite EFBF plate considered temperature...

Authors: Zai Tie Chen

Abstract: In view of the randomness in terms of high arch dam load, resistance and failure calamity loss as well as the fuzziness in terms of...

Authors: Kazuhiro Ogawa, Takahiro Niki

Abstract: Hot section parts of combined cycle gas turbines are susceptible to degradation due to high temperature creep, crack formation by thermal...

Authors: Burak Özkal, Tugba Uçar

Abstract: Different amounts of fiber added samples were prepared by standard ceramic processing routes and sintered at different temperatures....


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