Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics VIII

Volumes 417-418

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Martina Lovrenić-Jugović, Zdenko Tonković, Ivica Skozrit

Abstract: An efficient computational algorithm for the integration of the viscoelastic/damage constitutive model at the material point level is...

Authors: Yong Jie Liu, Qing Yuan Wang, Xiang Guo Zeng, Da Li Lv

Abstract: Multiple interacting crack problems for 3-point bending specimen were studied in this article. Two symmetrical minor cracks were placed in...

Authors: Piero Morelli

Abstract: Telescopic cylinders are generally employed as linear actuators, when the desired moving span is several times the length of the closed...

Authors: Noriyuki Takano

Abstract: Hydrogen embrittlement in iron and steels has been studied for long years. Although a few mechanisms of it have been proposed, it has not...

Authors: Andriy Vyshnevskyy, Shehzad Khan, Joern Mosler

Abstract: One of the important considerations in the design of components is the estimation of cyclic lifetime and analysis of the critical regions of...

Authors: Caterina L.E. Bruno, Paola Antonaci, Pietro G. Bocca, Antonio S. Gliozzi, Marco Scalerandi

Abstract: One of the signatures of the presence of cracks in a sample is the nonlinearity in its elastic response to an impingent ultrasonic wave. The...

Authors: R. Schöngrundner, Otmar Kolednik, Franz Dieter Fischer

Abstract: This paper deals with the determination of the crack driving force in elastic-plastic materials and its correlation with the J-Integral...

Authors: Luboš Náhlík, Lucie Šestáková, Pavel Hutař

Abstract: The paper deals with crack propagation in ceramic laminates. Assumptions of linear elastic fracture mechanics and small scale yielding are...

Authors: Kalyan Kumar Ray, Ashmita Patra, Debashish Bhattacharjee

Abstract: A simple and reliable method has been proposed for determining fracture toughness of thin sheets. The principle of the method considers that...

Authors: Jung Won Seo, Seok Jin Kwon, Hyun Kyu Jun, Dong Hyung Lee

Abstract: White etching layer(WEL) is a phenomenon that occurs on the surface of rail due to wheel/rail interactions such as excessive braking and...


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