Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics VIII

Volumes 417-418

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Akira Shimamoto, Hiroyuki Aoki, Katsunori Futase

Abstract: The shapes and types of containers for foods, drugs and medicines, and cosmetics and detergent refills are diverse: glass bottles, cans, PET...

Authors: Phuc Nguyen, Andrei G. Kotousov, Sook Ying Ho, Stuart Wildy

Abstract: Thermal Barrier Coatings have existed for over 40 years, and with in the last 15 years their use in industrial applications has dramatically...

Authors: John Codrington, Andrei G. Kotousov, Stuart Wildy, Sook Ying Ho

Abstract: A new theoretical approach is presented for investigating fatigue crack growth in plates of finite thickness. The developed approach...

Authors: Kazuhiro Morino, Norio Kawagoishi, K. Yamane, K. Fukada

Abstract: In order to investigate the effect of nitriding on the crack initiation and propagation behavior of Ni-base super alloy, Alloy 718, rotating...

Authors: K. Yamane, Norio Kawagoishi, Kazuhiro Morino, K. Fukada

Abstract: Ultrasonic and rotating bending fatigue tests were carried out for aged and nitrided Ni-base super alloys to investigate the effects of...

Authors: Ying Nan Guo, Qin Sun, Ling Wu

Abstract: This paper deals with the ballistic properties of two kinds of hybrid composites: Kevlar/Carbon laminates and S-Glass/Carbon laminates....

Authors: Andrei G. Kotousov, Steven Harding

Abstract: The paper deals with the buckling instability of long interface cracks subjected to shear and tensile (compressive) loading parallel to the...

Authors: S. Nakhodchi, Gabrielle Hilson, David John Smith, Peter E.J. Flewitt

Abstract: In this paper the challenges associated with the determination of within section macrostresses in the non-metallic materials porous reactor...

Authors: Ryuichiro Ebara, R. Nohara, Rintaro Ueji, A. Ogura, Y. Ishihara, S. Hamaya

Abstract: High cycle fatigue behavior of the representative cold forging die steel, YXR3 with Rockwell C scale hardness number of 60.0 is...

Authors: Bo Zhou, Yan Ju Liu, Guang Ping Zou, Jin Song Leng

Abstract: Shape memory alloy is a good candidate for realizing the passive control of structural vibration due to its excellent characteristic of...


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