Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics VIII

Volumes 417-418

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dulce Maria Rodrigues, Fernando Antunes, R. Branco

Abstract: Plasticity Induced Crack Closure (PICC) is an important fatigue phenomenon affecting crack growth under cyclic loading, which makes...

Authors: Christophe Cornet, Li Guo Zhao, Jie Tong

Abstract: Simulation of both damage development and strain ratchetting in uniaxial loading conditions has been presented for a nickel-based superalloy...

Authors: Xi Shu Wang, Norio Kawagoishi

Abstract: In the present study, a unified crack growth law based on the small fatigue crack growth law was investigated using specimens with different...

Authors: Mohammad Jaffar Hadianfard, M.A. Hadianfard

Abstract: Structural failure of a high pressure orifice flange of an oil refinery is studied by using visual inspection, optical and electron...

Authors: Stanislav Seitl, Zbyněk Keršner, Vlastimil Bílek, Zdeněk Knésl

Abstract: The paper introduces the basic fracture mechanics parameters of advanced building material – cement-based composites with various types of...

Authors: Ji Ze Mao, Hong Ye Wang, Zhi Yuan Zhang, Zong Min Liu

Abstract: Freeze-thaw damage is one of the most representative damages in concrete durability. Commonly, freezing and thawing tests are conducted to...

Authors: Ling Wu, Ying Nan Guo, Yu Long Li

Abstract: The present study focuses on the mechanical performance and damage evolution of woven fabric E-glass fiber reinforced epoxy composite...

Authors: Henning Schütte

Abstract: A numerical scheme is presented to predict crack trajectories in three dimensional components. First a relation between the curvature in...

Authors: Hong Liang Li, Cun Zhang

Abstract: In mechanical engineering and modern municipal construction, shallow-buried cavity structure is used widely. In this paper, Green's Function...

Authors: Hong Li, Li Li

Abstract: Welding residual plastic strains and stresses cause errors during the assembly and reduce the strength of the structure. Based on an...


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