Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics VIII

Volumes 417-418

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Costas P. Providakis

Abstract: The present work considers the possibility of simultaneous health monitoring and active repair of the edge debonding in dynamically loaded...

Authors: Peter W.R. Beaumont

Abstract: Predicting precisely where a crack will develop in a material under stress and exactly when in time catastrophic fracture of the component...

Authors: Paola Antonaci, Pietro G. Bocca, Caterina L.E. Bruno, Antonio S. Gliozzi, Marco Scalerandi

Abstract: The evolution of concrete behavior in the proximity of a joint under the effect of varying external pressures is studied by means of a novel...

Authors: Holger Theilig, Dirk Holländer, Michael Wünsche

Abstract: In this paper a higher order crack path simulation algorithm for multiple interacting cracks is presented using piecewise parabolic curved...

Authors: Paolo Baldissera, Stefano Cavalleri, Paolo Marcassoli, Federico Tordini

Abstract: In this paper the influence of DCT (Deep Cryogenic Treatment) and a CrN arc-deposited PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating on the fatigue...

Authors: Romana Piat, Siddharta Roy, Alexander Wanner

Abstract: A new class of metal/ceramic composites has recently been developed. A porous ceramic preform, the pore structure of which is created via a...

Authors: Ines Fernández Pariente, Sara Bagherifard, Ramin Ghelichi, Mario Guagliano

Abstract: Effects of surface defect size and the method used to obtain the defect itself on bending fatigue behaviour of nitrided and shot peened...

Authors: Steven Harding, Andrei G. Kotousov

Abstract: This paper summarizes recent theoretical studies on the three-dimensional singular stress state at sharp notches in infinite (or large)...

Authors: Jun Wang, Qing Fen Li, Yu Dong Fu

Abstract: Effect of micaceous iron oxide epoxy coating on the microbiological influenced corrosion (MIC) behavior of the low alloy steel was studied....

Authors: Farid R. Biglari, Catrin Mair Davies, Kamran M. Nikbin

Abstract: Advanced steels are designed and produced to be used in engineering applications in which thermo-mechanical fatigue could be a main factor...


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