Advanced Design and Manufacture II

Volumes 419-420

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hsin Rau, Kuo Hua Cho

Abstract: This paper explores the inspection allocation problem with considering production line balance at the same time for multi-station assembly...

Authors: Frank Helmut Schaefer

Abstract: Aluminium is being increasingly used in all fields of industry. Especially if it is about the structures like car bodies or frames for...

Authors: Pei Yu Wang, Zhang Hua Fong

Abstract: A mathematical model for translating machine settings from universal Cradle-Type hypoid generator to Cartesian-Type hypoid generator is...

Authors: Po Tsang B. Huang, James C. Chen, Yuan Tsan Jou

Abstract: The key element of the in-process surface roughness monitoring system is the decision-making model, which is utilized to analyze the input...

Authors: Chun Yao Hsu, Chung Chen Tsao, C.H. Huang, Yu Cheng Lin

Abstract: Increasing the productivity and the quality of the machined parts are the main challenges of manufacturing industry, in particular for...

Authors: Amin Al-Habaibeh, S. Yaseen, R.M. Parkin, Fadel Otham, O. Albar

Abstract: There is an increasing need in modern cities for automated Crowd Condition Monitoring (CCM) in order to provide continuous real-time on-line...

Authors: Amin Al-Habaibeh, A. Al-Azmi, N. Radwan, Yang Song

Abstract: Condition monitoring systems of manufacturing processes have been recognised in recent years as one of the key technologies that provide the...

Authors: Yang Wang, Yin Yan Wang, Ming Zhu Liu, Xiang Wei Jin

Abstract: Based on GT-POWER software, simulation model of working process of a long-stroke sequential turbocharging (STC) diesel engine is set up, the...

Authors: Li Bin Guo, Hai Juan Ding, Zhi Hang Zhang

Abstract: The surface micro-topography characteristics of micro-WEDM, which can have a directly significant impact on the parts usability properties,...

Authors: Bo He, Chang Qing Sun

Abstract: War-broken parts could be repaired quickly without power and gas in the field by using the thermit welding technology. In this paper,...


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