Advanced Design and Manufacture II

Volumes 419-420

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Peng Xia, Guang Sheng Ren

Abstract: As a bridge between top-level transaction and low-level control system of facilities, MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is the key...

Authors: Zhi Jie Chen, Ji Hong Shen, Li Bin Guo

Abstract: The topography errors of micro electrical discharge machining (micro-EDM) surface are mainly composed of surface roughness, surface waveness...

Authors: Xiang Hui Zeng, Le Hua Qi, Hua Huang, Xiao Shan Jiang, Yuan Xiao

Abstract: Generating high-melting-point metals droplet is a bottleneck in the area of droplet-based rapid prototyping. In our research, a pneumatic...

Authors: Run Yuan, Bo Yang, Hong Yan Ruan, Xiao Wang

Abstract: The gas jets from the conical and new designed supersonic nozzles on different working pressure are simulated by a computational fluid...

Authors: Jian Li Song, Yong Tang Li, Qi Lin Deng, Zhong Yang Cheng, Bryan Chin

Abstract: Laser cladding rapid manufacturing technology is a kind of new developed advanced manufacturing technology integrating the advantages of...

Authors: De Shi Liu, Gang Li

Abstract: When designing forging manipulators, the bending moments transmitted to the manipulator through the workpiece due to the press motions...

Authors: Yan Bo Feng, Tao Sun

Abstract: Multi wire saw is the important basis of integrate circuit, optoelectronic, photovoltaic industry, and it becomes a promising technology for...

Authors: Yong Liu, Di Zhu, Yong Bin Zeng, Shao Fu Huang, Hong Bing Yu

Abstract: This paper introduces a method of machining free-form basis-NURBS curve into the field of micromachining. For achieving the optimization of...

Authors: Wei Wei Wang, Fei Han, Shou Jing Luo

Abstract: The isothermal precision forging of a screw propeller was studied by means of numerical simulation and experimental forming. The deforming...

Authors: Yu Jie Sun, Yong Zang, Qing Yu Shi

Abstract: A sequential coupled three-dimensional thermo-mechanical analysis was conducted first to simulate friction stir welding (FSW) of aluminum...


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