Advanced Design and Manufacture II

Volumes 419-420

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shi Kun Xie, Xiao Qiu Zheng, Rong Xi Yi, Xiao Liang Pan, Xiu Yan Guo

Abstract: SSM(Semi-solid metal) forming has been developed to become a novel technology in the 21st century for the formation of near net shape...

Authors: Xue Feng Wu, Hong Zhi Zhang, Yang Wang, Chao Xie

Abstract: Laser assisted machining (LAM) is an effective method machining difficult-to-machine materials such as ceramics which uses a high power...

Authors: Zheng Wang, Lin Sheng Zhang, Zhao Qian Jing

Abstract: Diatomite-attapulgite composite nano-size adsorbent was prepared using natural diatomite and attapulgite through compounding, granulation,...

Authors: Yi Guo Song, Feng Chen, Li Li, Yu Feng Zheng

Abstract: The advanced manufacturing technology of TiNiNb wide hysteresis shape memory alloy fastener ring was performed by using the tungsten inert...

Authors: Sheng Lu, Jing Chen, Xiao Dan Jia, Ze Xin Wang, Jing Jing Gong

Abstract: By means of Friction stir welding (FSW), as-cast AM50 magnesium alloys were welded with travel speed of 50 mm/min and rotating rate of 1200...

Authors: Ming Hui Ding, Ben Li Wang, Li Li, Yu Feng Zheng

Abstract: In this paper, the TaCx coating with thickness around 1.2 μm was prepared by radio frequency magnetron sputtering technique on the 316L...

Authors: Hong Xing Dong, Qiu Li Jiang, Fei Tong, Zhen Xing Wang, Jin Yong Tang

Abstract: Silica gel was modified with polymerizable double bonds on the surface. Then the molecular imprinting polymer imprinted with D-Phenylalanin...

Authors: Lan Zhang, Ze Sheng Lu, Qing Xin Meng, Li Quan Wang, Hai Xia Gong

Abstract: Diamond wire saw was a tool which is used to cut the steel-based material, its grinding mechanism was researched in the paper. Based on...

Authors: Xiao Dong Zhu, Feng Hu Wang, Jun Cao

Abstract: The orthogonal theories were carried out to analyze the effect of MDI, UF and FRW content on the mechanical and fire retardant properties of...

Authors: Ming Piao Tsai

Abstract: In the paper, the knowledge-based architecture for product design with modules is suggested, which discovers and shares the product...


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