Advanced Design and Manufacture II

Volumes 419-420

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Xia Chen, Shu Zhong Lin, Jing Zhong Xing

Abstract: Harmonic drive has widespread applications for its compact size and high reduction ratios. It is often favored for electro-mechanical...

Authors: Miao Yu, Zhi Cai

Abstract: In order to solve the confliction among the working space, precision and stiffness on the free-form surface, this paper puts forward a...

Authors: He Xu, Da Wei Tan, Zhen Yu Zhang, Kai Xue, Yun Kun Luan, Gao Liang Peng

Abstract: A mobile robot prototype with independent propulsion and individual steering and a 5th steerable propulsive wheel has been developed....

Authors: Yun Wang Li, Shi Rong Ge, Hua Zhu, Hai Feng Fang

Abstract: Based on the configurations of the track type travel mechanism, instead of wheels, the tracks were introduced into the rocker-type robot...

Authors: Zhong Lin Zhang, Li Quan Wang, Xiu Fen Ye

Abstract: Puncturing mud robot is a kind of trenchless device that can walk by itself in the earth. There are abroad appliance foreground and...

Authors: Wei Chen, Yue Qing Yu, Xin Hua Zhao, Lian Yu Zhao

Abstract: Underactuated flexible manipulator with redundant degrees of freedoms is investigated. Position control method of a single active joint...

Authors: Ze Ning Xu, Xiao Guang Yu, En Yong Dong, Wen Guang Zheng, Zhong Xian Mao

Abstract: The product surface coating is a very essential working procedure, especially the complicated surface coating thickness even directly...

Authors: Li Hua Liang, Dong Liang Cui, Song Tao Zhang, Dong Hai Cui

Abstract: With regard to the high precise three-axis ship motion simulation turntable, the precision is influenced by strong dynamics coupling, such...

Authors: Li Xun Zhang, Gang Wang, Li Quan Wang, Dong Liang Chen, De Feng Liu

Abstract: In this paper, multi-legged walking machine is simplified as one leg, which the whole machine is constructed by the modularization...

Authors: James C. Chen, Wun Hao Jaong, Cheng Ju Sun, Hung Yu Lee, Jenn Sheng Wu, Chung Chao Ku

Abstract: Resource-constrained multi-project scheduling problems (RCMPSP) consider precedence relationship among activities and the capacity...


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