Advanced Design and Manufacture II

Volumes 419-420

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Dong Xie, Yan Jun Liu, Yong Wang

Abstract: A new hybrid-control structure for the compensation of the volume-delay negative effect in the mixed-gas pressure control is designed. The...

Authors: Xiang Yang Jin, Shi Sheng Zhong

Abstract: The effectiveness of separation and identification of mechanical signals vibrations is crucial to successful fault diagnosis in the...

Authors: Xiang Yang Jin, Shi Sheng Zhong

Abstract: Order tracking is an important method to analyze the response characteristics of rotating machinery for fault diagnosis and condition...

Authors: Hai Peng Huang, Guan Xin Chi, Zhen Long Wang

Abstract: In order to manufacture geometrically complex or hard material parts, a new kind of multi-axis electro-discharge machining (EDM) computer...

Authors: Hui Chen, Zhen Long Wang, Zi Long Peng, Wan Sheng Zhao

Abstract: . The purpose of this paper is to study the application of electrochemical machining (ECM) technology for the fabrication of micro...

Authors: Long Zhang, Guo Liang Xiong, He Sheng Liu, Hui Jun Zou

Abstract: This paper presents a method for bearing health condition identification based on improved multiscale entropy (IMSE) and support vector...

Authors: Mao Sheng Li, Guan Xin Chi, Zhen Long Wang, Yu Kui Wang

Abstract: Based on a self-developed pulse power supply, effects of working fluid to machining efficiency and relative wear of electrode are studied....

Authors: Xue Yi Zhang, Guang Ping Zou, Hong Liang Li

Abstract: Sacttering of SH-wave of combined deffectiveness which included single circular cavity and double linear cracks in elastic medium was...

Authors: Dong Yue Qu, Yong Zhan

Abstract: This paper discusses the structure of wheel mobile robot, dynamics model and control model are developed. The method is tested by computer...

Authors: Yu Xia Zhao, Hong Hai Xu, De Wen Gao

Abstract: In this paper, the modern theory of milling and the optimization technique are applied to the establishment of the mathematical model of...


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