Functional Manufacturing Technologies and Ceeusro I

Volumes 426-427

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Feng Wang, Dun Wen Zuo, Ming Min Huang, Hong Miao

Abstract: From the laser welding actual process, the welding heat source model of laser welding process was established, that is, superposition heat...

Authors: Chao Hua Jiang, T.J. McCarthy, D. Chen, Q.Q. Dong

Abstract: This paper presents initial work with the application of basalt fiber (BF) in the field of reinforced cement composites. Effect of BF on...

Authors: Fa Ye Zang

Abstract: Based on the analysis of the belt misalignment of the metal V belt CVT, the reason of the belt misalignment has been discussed. In order to...

Authors: Zhi Gang Wang, Ping Zhao, Zhen Jia Li

Abstract: Cut-in disrepair of milling inserts are closely related to dynamic equation of cut-in contact. According to the problem of serious cut-in...

Authors: De Gong Chang, Zhi Juan Xiao, Y.H. Liu, H. Li

Abstract: Based on the analyses of the yarn tension and the mathematical model of the magnetic powder brake, the digital simulation of the yarn...

Authors: De Jun Kong, Hong Miao, A.P. Hu

Abstract: The surface of 304 stainless steel was processed by laser shock wave, its surface micro-structures were observed with SEM, and residual...

Authors: Xing Wei Sun, Qiao Yun Wang, Ke Wang, Lei Wang

Abstract: Single screw pump is a kind of inside engaged biased rotation volume pump, which is widely applied in a number of major fields of the...

Authors: Zheng Wang, Lin Sheng Zhang, Zhao Qian Jing

Abstract: Attapulgite-zeolite composite nano-structure adsorbent was manufactured using natural attapulgite and zeolite. The obtained adsorbent was...

Authors: Chang Hao Piao, Z.Y. Huang, J. Wang, Chong Du Cho

Abstract: This paper is devoted to the static friction torque of electromagnetic clutch. The torque maximization is also investigated by optimizing...

Authors: Yi Jun Zhou, Yong Kang Zhang, W.M. You, Y.G. Huang

Abstract: People are in dire need of knowing whether the workpiece is satisfactory after laser forming while using the technology of laser forming...


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