Functional Manufacturing Technologies and Ceeusro I

Volumes 426-427

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: A.F. Yuan

Abstract: In this paper, according to the requirements of some cam component in rotary press, cubic NURBS spline is used to generate the contour of...

Authors: Hai Guang Zhang, Qing Xi Hu, Yuan Yuan Liu, J.W. Wang, Z.F. Chi, H.J. Huang

Abstract: This paper proposed a new method of automated eliminating bubbles based on vision sense technology because detection and elimination of...

Authors: K.L. Zhang, Simon S. Ang, Siaw Kiang Chou

Abstract: Functional manufacturing technologies are becoming more and more important to the manufacturing industry and research. As promising...

Authors: Rong Fa Chen, Zhao Xia Shen, Liang Gang Dai, Xian Liang Zhang, Rui Zhu, Dun Wen Zuo

Abstract: High quality optical grade thick diamond film wafers with different thickness are prepared by high power DC arc plasma jet CVD (DCPJ CVD)...

Authors: Jie Zhao, S.Z. Ding

Abstract: In order to improve information asymmetry in construction supply chain and keep effective information among parties involved sharing...

Authors: Y.C. Li, Jian Zhong Fu, Xin Hua Yao

Abstract: Considering the development of cooperative design and internet-based manufacturing and in order to manage the manufacturing process more...

Authors: Yuan Yuan Liu, Z.F. Chi, J.W. Wang, Hai Guang Zhang, Qing Xi Hu

Abstract: Bubbles in the manufacturing process are common. The bubbles often lead to the decrease of the product’s surface quality and internal...

Authors: Jin Hu, D.L. Pu, Lin Sen Chen

Abstract: Due to the high cost-effectiveness, extra flexibility, and short production cycle, laser direct writing system as a kind of maskless...

Authors: C. Su, Z.R. Zhang

Abstract: An implementation methodology is proposed to serve a system for the network-based design and GM (Green Manufacturing), and the detailed...

Authors: Wen Tong Tian, H. Yang, X. Cao

Abstract: In the paper, forward extrusion-equal channel angular extrusion (FE-ECAE), which is new strain-induced melt activation (SIMA) method, is...


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