Functional Manufacturing Technologies and Ceeusro I

Volumes 426-427

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yue Qin Tang, M.L. Zhang

Abstract: People in the world are more concerned about environment protection than ever before, which calls for green manufacturing (GM) and...

Authors: Yue Zhang, Rong Di Han, Yan Li Tang, Y. Wang

Abstract: To achieve green cutting of titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V with water steam cooling and lubricating, a 600-800w minitype generator is developed....

Authors: H.I. Liu, X.P. Li, Yan Nian Rui, Ying Ping He

Abstract: High Speed Brushes Aeration Mechanics are the effective aeration equipments which are widely used in the environmental protection. Because...

Authors: A.C. Xu, J.B. Chen, Pei Ming Zhang, Song Lin Zhuang

Abstract: A combined method measuring human eye aberrations is presented in our study, since both objective and subjective method are needed for the...

Authors: Yi Hong Zhao, Rong Fa Chen

Abstract: This paper presents a new trajectory tracking control algorithm to uncertain mobile robot with nonholonomic constraints. This algorithm is...

Authors: Y.Q. Fan, Jian Zhong Fu, W.F. Gan

Abstract: This paper realizes direct interpolation of NURBS with use of solving the non-linear equation and de Boor algorithm, which improves the...

Authors: Feng Lian Zhang

Abstract: Engineering ceramics feature resistance to high temperature, corrosion, wear and hot impact. However, it is difficult to machine this...

Authors: C.Y. Ma, D.L. Zhang, Zhi Wang, G.X. Li, J.J. Tang

Abstract: On basis of analyzing the principles and structure of adaptive neural fuzzy inference system (ANFIS), this thesis used subtractive...

Authors: X.M. Li, Ning Ding

Abstract: An adaptive fuzzy neural network control system in cylindrical grinding process was proposed. In this system, the initial cylindrical...

Authors: Jun Zhou, Rong Di Han

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to clarify the possibility of the turning process with the magnetized cutting emulsion. In particular, the...


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