Functional Manufacturing Technologies and Ceeusro I

Volumes 426-427

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hui Wang, Rong Di Han, Yan Li Tang, Yang Wang

Abstract: The machinability of Nickel-based superalloy GH4169 is poor, the traditional methods to machining is application of cutting fluids with the...

Authors: Dong Lu, Guo Hua Qin, Yi Ming Rong, C.M. Peng

Abstract: This document Cutting stress coupled with clamping stress and initial stress affects the workpiece deformation. To analyze the workpiece...

Authors: J. Lin, Guang Yu Tan, B.C. Liu, Yi Ming Rong

Abstract: This work employs Visual Basic and Access to develop a case database management system for flexible fixtures using coding technology and...

Authors: Shi Hong Shi, Ge Yan Fu

Abstract: Low stress repeated impact experiments and test were carried out on medium carbon steel and stainless steel samples which is clad with...

Authors: Fa Ye Zang

Abstract: Based on deeply analyzing the working principles and energy-saving theory of loader secondary regulating transmission system, regenerating...

Authors: Y. Liu

Abstract: Automotive components in the analysis of end-of-life recycling programs, based on the study of automobile recycling techniques and...

Authors: Bai Liu, X.J. Liu, Zhen Yu Zhao, Long Liao

Abstract: The torsion load of 2000L-B vertical mixer’s blade was firstly calculated by the relation between torsion input and output of planetary...

Authors: Guo Feng Du, Y. Zhao

Abstract: General evaluation is the complex of a variety of evaluation indicator. The evaluation result is objective and accurate or not, it is...

Authors: Y. Zhao, W. Zeng, Z.C. Wan

Abstract: This article studies deeply motive forces of cooperative education in our market economic condition from students, schools, businesses and...

Authors: Li Zhi Gu, Qi Hong, Chun Jiang Xiang

Abstract: In vibratory drilling, the chip lengths and working angles alter respectively, and play important part in the process for the quality,...


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