Advanced Measurement and Test X

Volumes 439-440

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Chuan Song, Xiao Lei Dong, Qi Lei

Abstract: It is one of the effective way to apply JIT (just in time) mode in the management of discrete job shop to improve the productivity of job...

Authors: Yu Chuan Song, Ze Wang, Qi Lei

Abstract: Aiming at the characteristics of complicated organization behavior, diversified business process and changeable functions in the...

Authors: De Long Cui, Yong Fu Liu, Jing Long Zuo

Abstract: In order to improve the sensitive to illegal manipulations of image hashing, a novel robust image hashing algorithm based on fractional...

Authors: Neng Wang

Abstract: To reduce risks of Virtual Enterprise (VE), a novel Distributed Decision Making (DDM) model for VE risk management was presented. This model...

Authors: Zhi Bin Liu, Yanna Su, Zhi Gang Zhang

Abstract: The scope of emerging energy is broad, and the development scale and stage of each kind of energy is also irregular. In order to choose the...

Authors: Yan Jue Gong, Zhao Fu, Hui Yu Xiang, Li Zhang, Chun Ling Meng

Abstract: On the basis of wavelet denoising and its better time-frequency characteristic, this paper presents an effective vibration signal denoising...

Authors: Zhi Gang Ji

Abstract: The paper analyzes the mode and method for unstructured information, compares the similarities and differences between ontology and...

Authors: Gang Yong Lin, Qin Yan Chen, Yi Meng, Qing Hua Yao

Abstract: To build a real-time alerting system of road damages caused by flood in Dehong autonomous prefecture, Yunnan Province. Base on the Yunnan...

Authors: Bo Li, Er Liang Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, a missing data classification algorithms based on rough technique is proposed, and the complexity of the algorithms is...

Authors: Bo Li, Er Liang Zhang

Abstract: This paper addresses digit-writing hand gesture recognition using ego-motion detection algorithm. In training stage, according to the...


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