Advanced Measurement and Test X

Volumes 439-440

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Jun Zhang, Rui Wang

Abstract: 3DOF nonlinear braking dynamic model considering tire-road adhesion characteristics was established, and non-dimensional equations were...

Authors: Hong Long, Jin Long Zuo

Abstract: In order to improve ammonia removal capability from wastewater, zeolite was modified with heat and biofilm in this paper. The results showed...

Authors: Wang Ping Lu, Hai Dong Xu, Shao Yi Li, Ling Tao

Abstract: Focusing on a type of uncertain continual time-lag systems, study on the designing problems of law in reliable guaranteed cost feedback...

Authors: Shu Ling Feng, Chong Wu, Ming Hu, Wei Long

Abstract: A multifunctional inverter welding machine with the functions of DC gas tungsten arc welding, argon tungsten pulsed arc welding, manual arc...

Authors: Qiong Liu, Guang Zheng Peng

Abstract: For sophisticated background, a human body tracking algorithm using particle filter based on a 3D articulated body model is introduced....

Authors: Si Liang Wang

Abstract: Recently, many works have employed deterministic strategies in dealt with flow scheduling problem in Air traffic flow management (ATFM). In...

Authors: Jin Tao Wang, Zi Yong Liu, Long Zhang, Li Gong Guo, Xue Song Bao, Lin Tong

Abstract: One course radius measurement method for vertical petroleum tank volume metrology based on 3D laser scan principle was researched. Method of...

Authors: Xiang Zheng Xu, Qi Chen

Abstract: In current, constant speed of asynchronous generator system has been used wind farm in China areas. But because of that abilities of...

Authors: Xiang Zheng Xu, Bai Chao Chen

Abstract: According to the specific property of traction supply system, a novel hybrid active power filter (HAPF) is designed in this paper. The new...

Authors: Qiu Lian Wang, Cong Bo Li

Abstract: To make the environmental performance measuring system a useful inspective and supervisory tool during the life cycle of a Green...


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