Advanced Measurement and Test X

Volumes 439-440

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Tang Zhao, Jie Li

Abstract: In this paper, the notion of orthogonal vector-valued bivariate wavelet packets, which is a generalization of uni-wavelet packets, is...

Authors: Bao Jiang Zhao

Abstract: Fuzzy logical controller is one of the most important applications of fuzzy-rule-based system that models the human decision processing...

Authors: Chang Li, Ling Yang, Min Hu, Peng Cheng Liu

Abstract: In close-range digital photogrammetry and computer vision, a major challenge is the automation of 3D reconstruction from 2D-images. And...

Authors: Chang Li, Min Hu, Peng Cheng Liu

Abstract: Line and plane feature can provide more information than point feature, thus 3D reconstruction based on high-level features, such as line...

Authors: Hong Bin Sun, Yong Sheng Ding

Abstract: The paper proposes a self-learning evolutionary multi-agent system for distribution network reconfiguration. The network reconfiguration is...

Authors: Shuo Li, Gao Chao Xu, Yu Shuang Dong, Feng Wu

Abstract: With the development of microelectronics technology, Chip Multi-Processor (CMP) or multi-core design has become a mainstream choice for...

Authors: Yan He, Fei Liu, Qi Feng Wang

Abstract: Information acquisition plays an important role on the production operation of modern job shop to achieve the goals of high efficiency, good...

Authors: Ling Chen, Zhong Liang Pan

Abstract: A new test generation method for the bridging faults in digital circuits is proposed in this paper, the method is based on shared binary...

Authors: Ling Chen, Zhong Liang Pan

Abstract: The increase in dense interconnect as well as the clock frequency of digital circuits has led to an increasing number of crosstalk faults. A...

Authors: Qiao Ping Li, Wen Lin Li

Abstract: The Anti-synchronization of chaotic systems with uncertainty by sliding mode control is studied. Using the principle of poles assignment...


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