Advanced Measurement and Test X

Volumes 439-440

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jiang Yi Du, Yan Niu

Abstract: Information Resource Planning (IRP) is a comprehensive planning for the information that enterprise management activities needed which from...

Authors: Jian Wang, Yan Zhao, Jia Jin Le

Abstract: Cloud computing seems to offer some incredible benefits for communicators: the availability of an incredible array of software applications,...

Authors: Guo Hua Hui

Abstract: Virtual-switch characteristics of noise-induced stochastic resonance using leaky integrate-and-fire (LIF) model was focused in this article....

Authors: Yong Lin Zhang, Wei Feng Guo, Yun Qing Zhang, Qun Yu

Abstract: The demands of high-quality dynamic performance and short development time for vehicle production can only be fulfilled by the application...

Authors: Hua Mao Gu, Jin Qin Shi, Xia Jun Zhu

Abstract: In contrast with Tableau algorithm, this paper presented a totally new approach to check the satisfiabilities of acyclic...

Authors: Ke Qin Yan, Xuan Yi Zhou, Ming Gu

Abstract: This paper presents the fitting expressions of mean velocity profile and turbulence intensity for wind-snow coupling conditions. Different...

Authors: Ke Qin Yan, Xuan Yi Zhou, Ming Gu

Abstract: This paper presents the results of an outdoor investigation of wind-drifted snow distribution around a cube. The test was performed in a...

Authors: Yan Cang Li, Xing Ming Liang, Du Wang

Abstract: In order to find a more effective method for the safety assessment of the bridge, a new mathematic, the clear mathematics was proposed....

Authors: Ruo Juan Xue

Abstract: In order to effectively utilize Web images to construct instructional resource database, a novel approach is proposed in this paper. With...

Authors: Zuo Wen Tan

Abstract: Recently, Chen et al. proposed an efficient three-party encrypted key exchange protocol based upon Schnorr’s digital signature scheme with...


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