Advanced Measurement and Test X

Volumes 439-440

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hou Chong Wan, Yi Bing Dong, Xiu Hua Jiang

Abstract: In order to monitor industrial parameters such as the temperature, pressure, and humidity more intuitively, an embedded multi-channel data...

Authors: Hou Chong Wan, Yi Bing Dong, Xiu Hua Jiang

Abstract: In this dissertation, the theory, mathematical model and algorithms on the Multilayer Situation Decision-making are firstly introduced. And...

Authors: Zhi Ming Qu

Abstract: Using the theory of explosion mechanics and gas detonation dynamics and the conservation law of mass, momentum and energy, the physical and...

Authors: Zhi Ming Qu, Xiao Yu Ma

Abstract: The physical and mathematical turbulence flow fields models are set up to numerically simulate railway tunnel fire and smoke flow. An...

Authors: Zhi Ming Qu

Abstract: Coal mine can be damaged by extremely strong methane explosion, and the importance of suppressing anti-methane explosion in coal mine...

Authors: Jiang Zheng, Yu Bao Li, Jia Xiang Li, Jun Wang, Yong Quan Su

Abstract: Detection of pathogenic microorganism is very necessary in the control of infectious disease prevailing in aquiculture animals. However,...

Authors: Xiang Xian Zhu, Xiu Ying Sun, Qi Feng Sun

Abstract: In IEEE 802.16e network, voice over IP (VoIP) scheduling is critical to system performance but no special algorithm is defined in the IEEE...

Authors: Le Cao, Biao Wang, Fei Liu

Abstract: The measurement of worker differences is fundamental consideration in personnel assignment which is one key decision that influences the...

Authors: Li Ping Zhang, Chao Wang, Hong Zhang, Bo Zhang

Abstract: Automatic target recognition is the key stage of SAR image interpretation system and has been taking a great interest to the researchers in...

Authors: Hua Qun Zhan

Abstract: HITS algorithm assigns same weight to links between Web pages,which results in topic drift. In this paper,a new focused crawling approach...


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