Advanced Measurement and Test X

Volumes 439-440

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shao Bo Zhong, Zhong Shi He

Abstract: Grid task scheduling (GTS) is a NP-hard problem. This paper proposes an optimized GTS algorithm which combines with the advantages of cloud...

Authors: Guo Ping Hou, Xuan Ma

Abstract: Differential evolution (DE) is an evolutionary algorithm that is based on the individual differential reconstruction idea. It is proposed by...

Authors: Ai Jing Fan, Ai Wan Fan

Abstract: Computers widely used in the field of real time process control, and it's very necessary to pay more attention in the field. In this...

Authors: Li Chen

Abstract: Nowadays, data warehouse has already become the hot spot in database studies. Indexes can potentially speed up a variety of operations in a...

Authors: Min Wu, Hong Ping Jian

Abstract: Digital technology means the data processing, transfer of information, intelligent control and many other multi-dimensional technologies...

Authors: Yan Jun Zhang, Yu Chen, De Yun Chen

Abstract: Taking into account the effect of sensitivity field and ill-posed problem in ERT, a weighted SVD truncated conjugate gradient image...

Authors: Qi Luo, Bin Wang

Abstract: With the rapid development of multimedia computer and network technology, network learning becomes possible. With network learning, the...

Authors: Ji Hong Zhou, Yu Lian, Bin Wang

Abstract: Hydrogen sulfide is a kind of poisonous and harmful gas. There are a lot of desulfurization methods. The presents condition, features and...

Authors: Ji Hong Zhou, Xiao Tao Gou, Zhong Tao Shi

Abstract: Through the practice for environmental protection in the past few decades, people increasingly recognize that relying solely on the...

Authors: Chang Shi Liu, Yun Yao Li

Abstract: We consider a multiple production two-stage forward/reverse logistics system design problem where a fixed number of capacitated...


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