Advances in Precision Engineering

Volumes 447-448

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rui Xue, Chang Ning Guo, Xiao Xin Yang, Jing Yu Pei

Abstract: This paper addresses the further developing and utilizing about the functions of EDM machine tool on the basis of researching the numerical...

Authors: Yu Kui Wang, Zhen Long Wang, Bo Yan Song, Fu Qiang Hu

Abstract: In this paper a kind of architecture for an energy-saving EDM supply composed of three serial stages in the topology and its practical...

Authors: Takashi Sato, Yong Bo Wu, Wei Min Lin, Kunio Shimada

Abstract: The finishing process of a metal mold depends on the hand work of experts by using a whetstone tool in many cases. This is because it is...

Authors: Xiao Dong Yang, Yong Wan, Fu Qiang Hu

Abstract: In the micro EDM method by electrostatic induction feeding, a pulse generator is coupled to the tool electrode by a capacitor, since the...

Authors: Yuna Yahagi, Tomohiro Koyano, Masanori Kunieda, Xiao Dong Yang

Abstract: This paper describes machining characteristics of high spindle speed WEDG using the electrostatic induction feeding method. In this method,...

Authors: Stephen Wan, Weng Seng Fong, Qi Ying Leong

Abstract: We present simple deterministic process models for the prediction of the evolution of the cross-sectional profile of glass channels...

Authors: Wolfgang Horn

Abstract: Diode lasers have become an important tool for polymer welding in automotive industries, in medical and electronics manufacturing. High...

Authors: Lin Gu, Lei Li, Wan Sheng Zhao, K.P. Rajurkar

Abstract: This paper aims to introduce the performance of bunched-electrode for die-sinking EDM. Bunched-electrode was formed by bunching numerous...

Authors: Yusuke Narabu, Jiang Zhu, Tomohisa Tanaka, Yoshio Saito

Abstract: Currently CAD/CAM systems have become more common in automated manufacturing to enhance accuracy and efficiency. However, machining...

Authors: Takuya Masuda, Koichi Morishige

Abstract: In recent years, five-axis controlled machine tool attracts attention from the increase in demand for improvement of productivity. Five-axis...


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