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Authors: Ekkard Brinksmeier, Jen Osmer
Abstract:Nowadays several qualified technologies have been established for the manufacturing of precision moulds. The fields of application can mainly...
Authors: Mustafizur Rahman, A.B.M.A. Asad, T. Masaki, Yoke San Wong, A. Senthil Kumar
Abstract:Compound micro-machining is the most promising technology for the production of miniaturized parts and this technology is becoming more and...
Authors: Rudy Irwan, Han Huang
Abstract:Nanoindenting and nanoscratching were used to investigate removal and fracture characteristics of cemented tungsten carbide (cWC)....
Authors: Peng Yao, Nobuhito Yoshihara, Nobuteru Hitomi, Ji Wang Yan, Tsunemoto Kuriyagawa
Abstract:There is a demand for high-efficiency and high surface integrity grinding of fused silica. Ductile grinding is an ideal method for producing...
Authors: Yi Ying Zhang, Ioan D. Marinescu, Rick VandenBoom
Abstract:Experimental research on surface roughness and material removal rate of D2 steel lapping is carried out using a polymer plate. The...
Authors: X. Ding, L.C. Lee, David Lee Butler, Kah Chuan Shaw
Abstract:A study was carried out to investigate effects of crystallographic structure on the machining performance with polycrystalline oxygen free...
Authors: Xin Rui Tang, Miki Yoshinaga, Keiichi Nakamoto, Tohru Ishida, Yoshimi Takeuchi
Abstract:Recently, in accordance with the technical development and miniaturization of the information equipments, the demand of optic elements with...
Authors: Jeong Hoon Ko, Kah Chuan Shaw, Han Kwang Chua, Rong Ming Lin
Abstract:One-directional ultrasonic vibration assisted milling system is designed and its performance is investigated in terms of machined surface...
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