Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics X

Volumes 488-489

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Yang, Guo Hui Wu, Li Qiang Tang

Abstract: A mechanical model of the visco-elastic compressible material is established in order to investigate the viscous effect in quasi-static...

Authors: Jie Lu, Guang Ping Zou, Yang Cao

Abstract: The aim of this work is to investigate the fatigue behaviors of the steel honeycomb sandwich beams at 400°C through three point bending...

Authors: Wei Dong Chen, Jian Cao Li, Yan Chun Yu

Abstract: To solve the problem of equivalent functions of failure mode and low computational efficiency, the coefficient expression of equivalent...

Authors: Wei Guang An, Hai An, Xiang Hua Song

Abstract: The influence of crack defects on the ultimate strength of stiffened plate is analyzed, and reliability calculation and sensitivity analysis...

Authors: Jan Klusák, Stanislav Seitl, Wouter de Corte, Peter Helincks, Veerle Boel, Geert de Schutter

Abstract: In order to evaluate the shear bond strength of a steel-concrete joint using an epoxy adhesive interlayer, push-out tests were carried out....

Authors: Peter Helincks, Wouter de Corte, Jan Klusák, Stanislav Seitl, Veerle Boel, Geert de Schutter

Abstract: Steel-concrete joints can suffer from premature fail due to inadequate shear bond between the two surfaces. In this paper the shear bond...

Authors: Cristian Sorin Nes, Angelica Enkelhardt, Nicolae Faur, Adrian Birlan

Abstract: Objectives: Numerical stress intensity factors (SIFs) computation for several fabrication defect geometries in coronary stents. XFEM...

Authors: Cristian Sorin Nes, Nicolae Faur, Liviu Marsavina

Abstract: Objectives: Numerical determinations of Stress Intensity Factors (SIFs) for a shaft under mixed-mode load with a crack of different sizes in...

Authors: Boris Aberšek, Jože Flašker

Abstract: For designing machines and devices the dimensioning with respect to service life is increasingly taken into account. This applies also for...

Authors: Ivica Kožar, Joško Ožbolt, Tatjana Pecak

Abstract: Load-rate sensitivity of material is important in impact and other dynamic loadings. It is assumed that the strain-rate sensitivity is not a...


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