Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics X

Volumes 488-489

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Radu Negru, Liviu Marsavina, Hannelore Filipescu, Cristiana Caplescu

Abstract: The aim of this paper is the application of two methods for notch fatigue life assessment, methods which are based on finite element...

Authors: B. Chen, Peter E.J. Flewitt, David John Smith, C.M. Younes

Abstract: A preliminary sensitivity examination of the ductility exhaustion based creep damage prediction model, currently used in the R5 high...

Authors: Magd Abdel Wahab, R. Hojjati Talemi, Patrick de Baets

Abstract: Fretting fatigue occurs when two contact bodies undergo small oscillatory relative motion due to cyclic loading. It leads to fretting...

Authors: Luisa Munoz, Loïc Vanel, Olivier Sanseau, Paul Sotta, Didier Long, Laurent Guy, Ludovic Odoni

Abstract: Rupture dynamics in reinforced elastomers is a much more complex process than in pure elastomers due to the intrinsic heterogeneous mixture...

Authors: Marin Petrović, Alojz Ivanković, Neal Murphy

Abstract: Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) materials have a variety of applications, mainly as cutting tools for machining non-ferrous metals and...

Authors: Lucio Nobile, Veronica Bartolomeo, Mario Bonagura

Abstract: The Clemente Bridge is a multi-span masonry arch bridge built during the 18th century on Savio River in Cesena. The aim of this paper is to...

Authors: Petr P. Prochazka, Tat S. Lok

Abstract: It appears that sudden change of loading such as shock wave impinging on underground structures, which is mostly linked up with an extreme...

Authors: Lovre Krstulović-Opara, Endri Garafulić, Branko Klarin, Željko Domazet

Abstract: The article presents application of non destructive testing method based on the pulse heating infrared thermography used to detect material...

Authors: Hong Shuai Lei, Bo Zhou, Zhen Qing Wang, Xiao Qiang Wang

Abstract: Shape memory alloy (SMA) reinforced composites have been widely used in aerospace engineering fields. In this paper, four basic assumptions...

Authors: Guang Ping Zou, Zhong Liang Chang, Rui Rui Wang

Abstract: In this paper, the sandwich structure which is consist by the aluminum foam core and CBF(continuous basalt fiber) composite plate is tested...


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