Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics X

Volumes 488-489

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ladislav Řoutil, Václav Veselý, Stanislav Seitl

Abstract: The paper is focused on finding reasonable proportions for both cube-shaped and cylinder-shaped silicate-based composite specimens subjected...

Authors: P. Akbarzadeh, Khalil Farhangdoost

Abstract: The prediction of the strength of adhesively bonded joints has been investigated using a variety of failure criteria such as maximum stress...

Authors: Michele Buonsanti, Giovanni Leonardi, Francesco Scoppelliti, F. Cirianni

Abstract: In this paper a theoretical and numerical study of impulsive loads over a granular medium free surface has been developed. We will model a...

Authors: Y.G. Xu, L. Wang, Y. Chen, W. Tiu

Abstract: Reliable damage tolerant design of airframe structures relies on the accurate life prediction of fatigue cracks propagating from a...

Authors: J. Mohan, A. Karač, Neal Murphy, Alojz Ivanković

Abstract: In the present study, the mixed-mode fracture toughness of an adhesively bonded composite joint system was examined using a variety of...

Authors: Declan Carolan, Alojz Ivanković, Neal Murphy

Abstract: Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride (PCBN) is a super-hard material, which is used in some of the most demanding material removal operations...

Authors: Francesco Caputo, Giuseppe Lamanna, F. M. Pannullo, G. De Angelis

Abstract: The variations in shape compared to the initial project affect the performance and the appearance of any mechanical assembly. There are many...

Authors: Francesco Caputo, Giuseppe Lamanna, Alessandro Soprano

Abstract: In the present paper the authors refer about a series of experimental tests, where an aluminium alloy square tube, filled with an aluminium...

Authors: Francesco Caputo, Giuseppe Lamanna, Alessandro Soprano

Abstract: In this work, results from a study on bolted joints made of unidirectional, quasi isotropic Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP)...

Authors: Zacharias G. Pandermarakis, Anastasia B. Sotiropoulou, Nikolaos D. Nikoloutsopoulos

Abstract: The influence of glass and polypropylene short fiber addition on fracture response of cement based composites after their exposure to high...


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