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Authors: J. Sytchev, N. Borisenko, György Kaptay
Abstract:The mechanism of lithium electrochemical reduction from its molten chloride at two different electrodes – glassy carbon and graphite – has...
Authors: Katalin Szocs, Maria Vaida
Abstract:The paper presents the study of the microstructure and ultrasound measurments by proeminent part of the nodular iron castings. The...
Authors: Kinga Tomolya, Zoltán Gácsi, Árpád Kovács
Abstract:The central problem of producing of Al/SiCP composites is to avoid the forming of brittle Al4C3, which leads to a poor corrosion resistance...
Authors: Béla Varga
Abstract:The paper analyses via hydraulic modelling the retaining mechanisms of solid non-metal inclusions in the filtration process of aluminium...
Authors: Zsolt Veres, András Roósz
Abstract:The Heusler alloy is a ferromagnetic compound (Cu2MnAl), that is suitable for the simultaneous monochromatization and polarization of the...
Authors: Tamás Bíró, Péter János Szabó
Authors: Zilia Csomós, János Lukács
Abstract:E-glass fibre reinforced polyester matrix composite was investigated, which was made by pullwinding process. Round three point bending (RTPB)...
Authors: Enikö Réka Fábián, Balázs Verő, László Dévényi
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