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Authors: Zoltán Gácsi, Zsolt Csepeli
Abstract:The continuous development of steel products requires the detailed investigation of relationships between the production technology,...
Authors: Tünde Kovács, László Dévényi
Authors: Szilvia Kőszegi, Ilona Felhősi, F.H. Kármán, Erika Kálmán
Authors: László Kuzsella, Pál Bárczy
Authors: István Mészáros
Abstract:Magnetic Barkhausen noise measurement (MBN) is a relatively new non-destructive detection technique. Its working principle is based on...
Authors: E. Nagy, Valéria Mertinger, Ferenc Tranta, Jenő Sólyom
Abstract:During thermomechanical treatment of austenitic stainless steel a’ martensite and e martensite form in the austenite matrix. The martensitic...
Authors: Gyula Nagy, János Lukács, Imre Török
Abstract:This paper presents two basic methods for the assessment of failed girth welds of steel hydrocarbon transporting pipelines. One of them is...
Authors: G. Polt, T. Sebestyén, A. Pauschitz, F. Franek
Abstract:Up to now, the suitability of uniform tractor transmission oils (UTTO) for truck and building machine drive, brake and hydraulic systems...
Authors: T. Sebestyén, Gábor Buza, F. Franek, János Takács, Zoltán Kálazi, A. Pauschitz, László S. Tóth
Abstract:In this work we intend to investigate the surface properties of laser sintered and coated parts, by measurement of friction coefficient and...
Authors: Péter János Szabó
Abstract:15Mo3 type steel samples were subjected to creep loading at 550°C in order to investigate the development of microstructure as well as the...
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