Materials Science, Testing and Informatics II

Volumes 473-474

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Márton Takács, Balázs Verő
Authors: Gyula Tolnai, Péter M. Nagy, Z. Keresztes, P. Lucz, Erika Kálmán
Authors: Péter Trampus

Abstract: Structural integrity of the reactor pressure vessel of pressurized water reactors is one of the key safety issues in nuclear power...

Authors: György Vida, Ildikó Beck, V. Katalin Josepovits, Miklós Győr

Abstract: In the present paper the secondary emission and work function of W covered with different thickness Ba layers are compared. The secondary...

Authors: Tamás Bárczy, György Kaptay

Abstract: A new “Closely Packed Equal Sphere” (CPES) infiltration model has been developed by us. It differs from the classical capillary infiltration...

Authors: Péter Boross, Zoltán Kálazi, Olga Verezub, Balázs Verő
Authors: I. Budai, Mária Z. Benkő, György Kaptay

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to review all the existing literature models on the concentration dependence of the viscosity of binary liquid...

Authors: Lino Costa, Rui Vilar, Tamás Réti, Rogerio Colaço, A.M. Deus, Imre Felde
Authors: Zoltán Dudás

Abstract: The application of the FEM based phase elements is very useful for evaluation of the effects of TTT phase transformations diagrams. The...


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