Materials Science, Testing and Informatics II

Volumes 473-474

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: János Dobránszky, Attila Magasdi, János Ginsztler

Abstract: Bandsaw blades are one of the most commonly used tools of the wood cutting industry. Their base materials are mostly unalloyed or poorly...

Authors: Antal Huba, László Molnár, András Czmerk, Tamás Fischl

Abstract: The silicone elastomers offer in our days new perspective for the construction in the precision engineering and in the medicine because of...

Authors: Klaus Hulka

Abstract: In the recent years several new high strength steel grades have been developed, which exhibit improved cold formability and thus are...

Authors: Dóra Janovszky, Jenő Sólyom, András Roósz, Lajos Daróczi

Abstract: Fe40Ni40B16Si4 alloy was prepared by the melt spinning method with 50µm thickness. The crystallization of the amorphous alloy was analysed...

Authors: Rita Karcagi, János Lukács

Abstract: Composite materials combine the advantages of their components. Carbon fibre reinforced composites are used in construction where reduced...

Authors: A.C. Kis, Th. Leventouri, J.R. Thompson

Abstract: Structure and magnetic properties of ferrimagnetic bioceramics in the system {0.45(CaO, P2O5) ySiO2 xFe2O3 0.03Na2O}, x=0.05, 0.10, 0.15,...

Authors: Gergely Kovách, Hajnalka Csorbai, G. Dobos, Albert Karacs, Gábor Pető

Abstract: Diamond layers have a potential application as the highest band-gap semiconductor for electronic devices. One of the major problems is to...

Authors: György Krállics, Arpad Fodor, Dmitry Malgyn

Abstract: The interest in bulk nanostructured materials (NSM), processed by methods of severe plastic deformation (SPD), is justified by their unique...

Authors: Maria Maros Berkes, Judit Babcsán Kiss, László Kuzsella, Péter Arató

Abstract: Tribological performance of technical ceramics is influenced by various factors. Among the others the material properties, loading...

Authors: Krisztián Niesz, István Vesselényi, Dóra Méhn, Zoltán Kónya, Imre Kiricsi

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