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Authors: Zhi Jun Wu, Wen Long Jiang, Shu Fen Chen, Yi Zhao, Jingying Hou, Shi Yong Liu

Abstract: we designed and fabricated a white organic light-emitting device based...

Authors: T.Y. Hsu, Q.P. Meng, Yong Hua Rong, Xue Jun Jin

Abstract: Previous works on the kinetics of martensitic transformation in shape memory materials through Landau theory and the application of the...

Authors: Wei Cai, Yu Feng Zheng, Xianglong Meng, Lian Cheng Zhao

Abstract: The superelasticity is one of the most important properties of TiNi alloy, which has been widely used in the smart systems of many fields,...

Authors: Lin Cui, Xiao Dong Wang, Min Qi, Da Zhi Yang

Abstract: By using the discrete variational method and constructing cluster model, the effect of a few Hf、Zr addition on martensite transformation...

Authors: Hongyang Xing, Anak Khantachawana, Hee Young Kim, Shuichi Miyazaki

Abstract: The microstructure and shape memory behavior of Ti-rich Ti-Ni melt-spun ribbons with various Ni-contents were investigated....

Authors: Limin Huai, Li Shan Cui, Lai Bin Zhang, Yan Jun Zheng

Abstract: The effects of bias springs with different coefficient on the actuation and transformation behaviors of TiNi wires were studied. Results...

Authors: Ren Bo Xu, Li Shan Cui, Yan Jun Zheng

Abstract: The contact force during impact of a NiTi alloy was studied in this paper. The contact force and contact time during impact between a...

Authors: Li Shan Cui, Yan Jun Zheng

Abstract: In a constrained martensitic transformation of shape memory alloys, a fraction of martensite is always retained in the materials....

Authors: Rui Song Yang, Li Shan Cui, Yan Jun Zheng, Jin Long Zhao

Abstract: . NiTi particles were prepared by the reaction between Ti and Ni powders in high temperature molten salts. Results of differential scanning...

Authors: Xiang Ming He, De Sheng Yan, Zhi Min Jiang, Li Jian Rong

Abstract: A ternary alloying element Niobium addition to the Ni-Ti shape memory alloy could optimize transformation temperatures, mechanical...


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