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Authors: Bo Xu, Z.G. Wang, Y.H. Chen, P. Jin, X.L. Ye, Feng Qi Liu

Abstract: This paper reviews our work on controlled growth of self-assembled semiconductor nanostructures, and their application in light-emission...

Authors: J. Lu, B. Shen, N.J. Tang, D.J. Chen, Y.D. Zheng

Abstract: The weak-localization of the two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) in a modulation-doped Al0.22Ga0.78N/GaN single quantum well has been...

Authors: G.X. Shi, Bo Xu, P. Jin, X.L. Ye, C.X. Cui, C.L. Zhang, J. Wu, Z.G. Wang

Abstract: The structural and photoluminescence (PL) properties of the InAs quantum dots (QDs) grown on a combined InAlAs and GaAs strained buffer...

Authors: W.Q. Peng, S.C. Qu, G.W. Cong, Z.G. Wang

Abstract: Using a solution-based chemical method, we have prepared ZnS nanocrystals doped with high concentration of Mn2+. The X-ray diffraction...

Authors: Wenfa Xie, Shi Yong Liu

Abstract: Non-doped type white organic electroluminescent (EL) devices have the following structure ITO/m-MTDATA (30nm) /NPB (20-dnm) /rubrene...

Authors: Gang Cheng, Zengqi Xie, Ying Fang Zhang, Yuguang Ma, Shi Yong Liu

Abstract: A novel derivative of oligo(phenylenvinylene) (OPV), 2,5-diphenyl -1, 4-distyrylbenzene with two trans-double bonds (trans-DPDSB), is used...

Authors: Chuan Qi Feng, Keli Zhang, Jutang Sun

Abstract: A nonstoichiometric spinel phase (Li1.02Mn1.90Y0.02O4-yF0.08) was synthesized using natural polymer net method. It was characterized by XRD...

Authors: Hui Shan Yang, Shu Fen Chen, Zhi Jun Wu, Yi Zhao, Jingying Hou, Shi Yong Liu

Abstract: We have fabricated an organic light-emitting devices with high efficiency and brightness utilizing thick layer of a starburst amine compound...

Authors: Q.G. Zeng, Z.J. Ding, Biao Chen, Qing Jie Zhang

Abstract: The photoluminescence and Raman spectra of the tris(dibenzoylmethane) europium(III) dihydrate (Eu(DBM)3•2H2O) are investigated at high...

Authors: Guang Fei Liu, Lang Liu, Dian Zeng Jia, Xin Hu, Kaibei Yu

Abstract: A new organic photochromic function material containing pyrazolone-ring, 1-phenyl-3-methyl-4-(4-fluobenzal)-pyrazolone-5 thiosemicarbazone...


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