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Authors: Huan Yong Li, Ke Wei Xu, Wan Qi Jie

Abstract: Two chemical vapor transport methods with Zn(NH4)3Cl5 transport agent were developed to grow ZnSe bulk single crystals. Two kinds of Zn-rich...

Authors: Jian Dong Ye, Shu Lin Gu, Su Min Zhu, S.M. Liu, Feng Qin, W. Liu, X. Zhou, R. Zhang, Y. Shi, Y.D. Zheng

Abstract: The morphology evolution of ZnO films grown on sapphire (0001) by MOCVD have been studied as a function of buffer growth time and...

Authors: Qian Feng, Yue Hao

Abstract: The influence of Mg doping on structural and strain properties in GaN layers grown on sapphire substrates by metalorganic chemical vapor...

Authors: Zhan Hui Zhang, Yu Hua Wang

Abstract: Single phase of Ba1-xEuxMgAl10O17(0.02≤x≤0.14) phosphors were first successfully prepared by coprecipitation method at 1300°C, which is...

Authors: Masanori Murakami, Yasuo Koide, Miki Moriyama, Susumu Tsukimoto

Abstract: Recent strong demands for optoelectronic communication and portable telephones have encouraged engineers to develop optoelectronic devices,...

Authors: S.K. Ren, G.B. Ji, Song Ling Huang, Q.Q. Cao, Feng Ming Zhang, You Wei Du

Abstract: We have investigated the magnetic properties and magnetostriction of ZnxNi1-xMnSb compounds prepared by solid state reaction method. It is...

Authors: Yasuo Koide

Abstract: In order to understand carrier statistics in phosphorus-doped n-type diamond, electron statistics involving compensation and deep-dopant...

Authors: Jie Sun, Lizhong Hu, Zhaoyang Wang, Guotong Du

Abstract: This work demonstrates the condition optimization during liquid phase deposition (LPD) of SiO2/GaAs films. LPD method is further applied to...

Authors: J.F. Wang, G.M. Lalev, M. Isshiki

Abstract: The quaternary HgCdZnTe (MCZT) epilayer was successfully grown on lattice matched Cd0.96Zn0.04Te/Si(111) substrates using isothermal vapor...

Authors: Z.W. He, Xing Qin Liu, D.Y. Xu, Qiang Su, D.F. Guo, Y.Y. Wang

Abstract: The characteristic of nanoporous SiO2 thin film prepared by sol-gel method with catalyst HF was studied by scanning electron microscopy,...


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