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Authors: Liquan Guo, Yang Liu, Ju Sheng Ma

Abstract: Anodizing technique was applied to prepare insulated metal substrates (IMS) for BGA packaging. “Ideal” IMS used anodic film of aluminum as...

Authors: Su Dong Park, Byung Geol Kim, Hee Woong Lee

Abstract: Electric conducting behavior, sectional residual stress and texture in deformed Al-Zr alloy were investigated in order to investigate effect...

Authors: Guohai Chen, Ju Sheng Ma, Zhi Ting Geng

Abstract: Sn-Pb solder alloys, widely used in electronic industry, will be restricted because of the toxicity of Pb. That is paramount importance that...

Authors: Byung Geol Kim, Su Dong Park, Shang Shu Kim, Hee Woong Lee

Abstract: As a way to expand electric capacity in power line with hovering of electric power demand, STACIR/AW (super thermal-resistant Al alloy...

Authors: J.F. Liang, J.K. Yu, Y.Q. Quan

Abstract: The effects of interfacial thickness and temperature on thermal conductivity and CTEs of Al/SiC packaging materials were investigated. The...

Authors: Hyun Jae Yoo, Chang Ho Lee, Yong Ho Park, Ik Min Park

Abstract: Effect of Au (0-0.3 wt.%) on the thermoelectric properties of Bi1Sb3Te6 alloy prepared by mechanical alloying process has been investigated....

Authors: Yan Wang, Yang Liu, Ju Sheng Ma, Zhaowen Dong, Mingli Yin

Abstract: Fine Au powders with spherical morphology and good dispersivity were produced. The average particle size is 1~2m. The influences of...

Authors: Yang Liu, Yan Wang, Ju Sheng Ma

Abstract: With the wide application of SMT, mass chip components have been applied including tantalum capacitor. A fuse buried in a capacitor can...

Authors: D.H. Kim, T.S. Kim, B.K. Ahn, H.Y. Shin, Dong-Gu Lee, H.K. Cho, Young Rae Cho

Abstract: Carbon nanotubes have attracted considerable attention because their high aspect ratio leads to a large electric field enhancement and a low...

Authors: Y.H. Chen, X.L. Ye, Bo Xu, Yi Ping Zeng, Z.G. Wang

Abstract: The in-plane optical anisotropy of three groups of GaAs/AlGaAs quantum well structures has been studied by reflectance-difference...


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