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Authors: Shi Hong Zhang, Yong Chao Xu, G. Palumbo, S. Pinto, Luigi Tricarico, Z.T. Wang, Q.L. Zhang
Abstract:Comparing the formability with each other, extrusion and various rolling experiments were carried out to make fine-grained AZ31 Mg sheets,...
Authors: Jong Kwan Hwang, Keun Yong Sohn, Dae Min Kang, Young Su Shin
Abstract:In this paper, the distribution of temperatures on specimen and the variations in punch forces on friction coefficients during press forging...
Authors: Yong Chao Xu, Shi Hong Zhang, H.M. Liu, Z.T. Wang, W.T. Zheng, Q.L. Zhang, Y. Xu
Abstract:The extruded sheets were prepared at the temperature between 350ıand 400ı, and the magnesium alloy sheet was manufactured by a new method,...
Authors: Jian Yih Wang, Yung Hung Chen, Yi Lang Yang, Shyong Lee
Abstract:Among the conventional and alleged bulk deformation processes in metalworking, equal channel angular extrusion (ECAE) is an innovative and...
Authors: Yuichi Miyahara, Kazuhiko Adachi, Yasuhiro Maehara, Z. Horita, Terence G. Langdon
Abstract:A commercial AZ31 Mg alloy was subjected to ECAP (equal-channel angular pressing) and the tensile properties were examined at room...
Authors: Alan A. Luo, Anil K. Sachdev
Abstract:An appropriate temperature (150-200°C) bending process has been developed for AZ31 and AM30 magnesium alloy tubes, and the optimum bending...
Authors: Ming Zhou, Jianyong Cao, Fulin Yu, Xia Wei
Abstract:Compared with any other pressure processing methods, extrusion is more prone to develop the plasticity of the metal. Extrusions have much...
Authors: Kanichi Hatsukano, Kunio Matsuzaki, Toru Shimizu, Kichitaro Shinozaki
Abstract:The Formability of magnesium wrought alloys, AZ61 and AZ31 were investigated . First, the cylinder compression tests were carried out at room...
Authors: J. Swiostek, Jan Bohlen, Dietmar Letzig, Karl Ulrich Kainer
Authors: Xuefeng Guo, Jacob Kinstler, Lilia Glazman, Dan Shechtman
Abstract:Based on the commercial alloy ZK60 which contains 6%Zn, high strength Mg-6.0%Zn-1.0%Y-0.6%Ce-0.6%Zr magnesium alloy bars of 10 to 50 mm in...
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