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Authors: Klaus Siegert, Stephan Jäger, Mihai Vulcan, C. Wizemann
Abstract:This paper deals with pneumatic bulging of Magnesium AZ31 sheet metal and AZ31 tubes at elevated temperatures. Flow-stress curves determined...
Authors: G.I. Rosen, G. Segal, A. Lubinsky
Abstract:The aim of this project is to develop magnesium alloys extrusion technology for large profiles for application in the automotive industry....
Authors: Tsutomu Murai, Hajime Oguri, Shin-ichi Matsuoka
Abstract:Effects of manganese contents in AZ31 and AZ10 on billets microstructure, extrusion loads, occurring of surface cracks and mechanical...
Authors: Qiang Wang, Bao Cheng Li, Zai-xin Feng
Abstract:Aimed at characteristics of the profile such as complex shape, high dimensional accuracy and mechanical properties, the reduction zone length...
Authors: Qin Luo, Qing Dong, Zuyuan Yang
Abstract:The process of the safety design process, the structure principle and the key technology are described. The technology of dual molder,...
Authors: Xing Zhang, Bao Cheng Li, Zhi Min Zhang, Zhi Wen Wang
Abstract:Split Hopkinson Pressure Bars (SHPB) was applied to investigate shock resistance of magnesium alloy. The deformation behaviour was reported...
Authors: X.L. Wang, Yong Ning Yu, Erde Wang
Abstract:It is well known that the ductility of magnesium and magnesium alloy is too poor to be processed. After normal hot extrusion, the ductility...
Authors: Zhi Min Zhang, Qiang Wang, Bao Hong Zhang
Abstract:In order to study the warm forming strengthening behaviours of AZ31 magnesium alloy, plane strain compression tests were carried out at the...
Authors: Atsushi Yamamoto, Masahiro Jotoku, Harushige Tsubakino
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