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Authors: Li Meng, Ping Yang, Zude Zhao, Wei Min Mao
Abstract:Orientation mapping based on EBSD technique was applied to analyze the rules of orientation evolution of grains in AZ31 magnesium alloy....
Authors: Gang Liu, Stephan Jäger, Klaus Siegert
Abstract:The paper researched formability ability of AZ31 Mg-alloy tube by hot pneumatic bulging. FEM simulations were carried out to reveal the...
Authors: Yan Shu Zhang, Zhi Peng Zeng, Quan Lin Jin
Authors: Ying Hong Peng, Ying Bing Luo, Da Yong Li, Ji Long Yin
Abstract:To examine the formability of a magnesium-based alloy AZ31 sheet, a temperature and strain rate related constitutive model for AZ31 sheet was...
Authors: Guang Ling Song
Abstract:There is growing interest in magnesium alloys as structural materials for the automotive, aerospace and electronic industries. However, the...
Authors: Rong Fa Zhang, Da Yong Shan, En Hou Han
Abstract:Among four AZ91 samples, two were once anodized and the others were twice anodized in two electrolytic baths. After twice anodization, two...
Authors: Yurong Ding, Xing Wu Guo, Yong Feng Jiang, Xiao Qing Zeng, Wen Jiang Ding, Yan Ping Zhu
Abstract:Formation behavior and performances of anodic film grown on AZ31B alloys were systematically studied in Na2SiO3 system electrolyte with...
Authors: Zhi Xin Kang, Yuan Yuan Li, Kunio Mori
Abstract:An organic compound of dihexyl-contained triazine dithiol was specially synthesized for surface modification of magnesium alloy AZ91 in order...
Authors: Shu Sen Wu, Ming Zhao, Ji Rong Luo, You Wu Mao
Abstract:A chromium-free conversion coating for AZ91D magnesium alloys has been obtained by using a phosphate-permanganate solution. Examinations have...
Authors: Cai E. Cui, Qiang Miao, Jun De Pan, Ping Ze Zhang
Abstract:Arc-aided glow discharge plasma penetrating technique is a new surface coating method. With the help of vacuum arc discharge, a cold cathode...
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