Magnesium - Science, Technology and Applications

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Authors: Hong Qing Zou, Ji Cheng Lu, Jin Zhang, Hou Chang Wu, Min Fang

Abstract: The synergistic fluoropolymer self-lubrication coatings on magnesium alloys were studied. Magnesium alloy was firstly treated by...

Authors: Qing Dong, Liang Tao Xiao, Qin Luo

Abstract: The article introduces the ceramic membrane technology by micro arc oxidation on Mg-Alloy surface and its properties. The important factors...

Authors: Yougen Tang, Yijun Xu, Zhuguang Lu, Bo Yun Huang

Abstract: Effects of nickel coating on electrochemical properties of Mg2Ni hydrogen storage alloys were presented in this paper. X-ray diffraction (...

Authors: Zhong Shan Wei, Liufa Liu, Wen Jiang Ding

Abstract: Aluminum arc spray process was employed to form an aluminum coating on AZ31 magnesium alloy substrate. Anti-corrosion property of the...

Authors: Li Min Wang, Xin Bo Zhang, Yao Ming Wu

Abstract: A powder material of Mg-Ni-Cu-Y was synthesized by mechanical alloying method. Considerable amounts of amorphous and nanocrystalline phases...

Authors: Hui Zhao, Ji Chen, Zhen Liu

Abstract: The coating formed on AM50 magnesium alloy by microarc oxidation (MAO), using DC pulse power in Na2SiO3 solution. The oxide coating contains...

Authors: Carsten Blawert, Emma D. Morales, Wolfgang Dietzel, Karl Ulrich Kainer

Abstract: Thixocasting is a new semi-solid processing route for magnesium alloys; it is claimed that finer microstructures can be produced and as a...

Authors: Hui Zhao, Zhong Han, Zhen Liu

Abstract: This study is concerned with the effect of high energy ion beam irradiation on surface properties of AZ91 magnesium alloy. The study...

Authors: Suqiu Jia, Shu Sheng Jia, Guangping Sun, Jun Yao

Abstract: The corrosion of a magnesium-based MMC, comprising a AZ91D alloy matrix and 5 vol% titanium carbide particles has been studied in saline...

Authors: Guang Ling Song, Amanda L. Bowles, David H. StJohn

Abstract: Corrosion resistance is an important property that could be affected by the ageing process. In order to investigate whether aging affects...


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