Magnesium - Science, Technology and Applications

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Authors: Bruno DeBenedetti, E. Angelini, S. Grassini, M. Marino, F. Fracassi, F. Palumbo

Abstract: The use of magnesium and its alloys is limited by their high susceptibility to corrosion, that may be attributed to the presence of...

Authors: Kazuhito Nishinaka, Manabu Senzaki, Akihiro Konno, Hiroyuki Umehara, Matsufumi Takaya

Abstract: The high-purity magnesium alloy specimens prepared by applying die-cast [1] paint and various types of surface treatments, and then the...

Authors: Anyanwu Ifeanyi Anthony, Atsuya Suzuki, Shigeharu Kamado, Yo Kojima

Abstract: Mg-0.5%Zn-4%Al-0.5~2.0%Ca-0.5~2.0%La alloys are investigated in order to determine the optimum composition with superior casting properties...

Authors: Xi Zhang, Shuqiang Jiao, Saijun Xiao, Hong Min Zhu

Abstract: The electrodeposition of aluminium and magnesium in lithium chloride-sodium chloride (mass 5:1) melt at 700°C has been studied using cyclic...

Authors: Yun Qi Yan, Lian Zhou, Chang Qi Chen

Abstract: Flow stress and microstructures evolution of AM50 alloy during upsetting forging tests were investigated in this paper. In upsetting forging...

Authors: Wan Qiu Zhou, Da Yong Shan, En Hou Han, Wei Ke

Abstract: A phosphate conversion coating was deposited on diecast AZ91D magnesium alloys, the film was a complex phosphate containing Mg and Al,which...

Authors: Y.Q. Wang, Ming Yi Zheng, Kun Wu

Abstract: The wear and corrosion protective coatings were synthesized on AZ91 Mg alloy and Mg matrix SiCw/AZ91 composite by a microarc oxidation (MAO)...

Authors: Wei Min Gan, Ming Yi Zheng, S.B. Li, Kun Wu

Abstract: Compressive deformation behaviors of extruded SiCw/AZ91 were investigated in Gleeble-1500 thermal simulator at temperatures from 743 K to...

Authors: Yong Hu, Nan Du, Qing Zhao, Ya Zhou, Linggang Meng

Abstract: In the present paper, phosphoric and chromic conversion coatings were prepared for the die-cast magnesium alloy ZM5. Both two kinds of...

Authors: Yong Wei Song, Da Yong Shan, En Hou Han

Abstract: Magnesium alloys are considered as “difficult to plate” metal. The pretreatment processes play a key role for plating. The pretreatments of...


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