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Authors: Young Gee Na, Dan Eliezer, Kwang Seon Shin
Abstract:The development of new components with magnesium alloys for the automotive industry has increased in recent years due to their high potential...
Authors: Yeon Jun Chung, Jung Lae Park, Nack J. Kim, Kwang Seon Shin
Abstract:The effects of alloying elements on the microstructure and high temperature mechanical properties of Mg-Al alloys were investigated in this...
Authors: Jie Dong, Z.F. Li, Xiao Qing Zeng, Chen Lu, Wen Jiang Ding
Abstract:A strong static magnetic field (SSMF) of about 10 T was introduced to the aging process of AZ91 magnesium alloy. Comparing with conventional...
Authors: Do Yeon Hwang, Akira Shimamoto
Abstract:In this study, dynamic behaviors of cracks under dynamic biaxial stress were investigated. We conducted static and dynamic loading fracture...
Authors: Yasumi Ito, Akira Shimamoto
Abstract:Fatigue crack propagation tests of magnesium alloy were conducted under conditions of biaxial and uniaxial loading by using a cruciform...
Authors: Da Yong Shan, Rong Fa Zhang, En Hou Han
Abstract:Al2O3 thin film was formed on pure magnesium and its anodic coating by sol-gel method. SEM observation and EDX analysis showed that Al2O3...
Authors: Yu Fan, Guo Hua Wu, Hong Tao Gao, Chun Quan Zhai
Abstract:The effects of RE and Ca on the mechanical properties and corrosion behavior of AZ91 have been studied by Zwick electronic universal material...
Authors: Shao Yong Xu, Han Xue Cao, Si Yuan Long, Xiaoan Chen, Zhen Liu, Zhong He Zhang
Abstract:To promote a technological use of Mg alloy castings on motorbike, a technical routine for material substitution was demonstratively presented...
Authors: Ivan A. Barannik, V.A. Aleksandrov, A.M. Bashmakov, A.F. Shevchenko
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