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Authors: Zhao Hui Wang, Yong Lin Kang, Wenchao Dong, Hongjin Zhao, Jin Wei Liu, Yue Xu
Abstract:Magnesium alloys offer advantages of low density, high specific strength, machinability and availability. So it has been used more and more...
Authors: Sinian Li, Souzhi Song, Tianqin Yu, You Shou Zhang, Hong Chen
Abstract:Using carbon nanotubes (CNTs) as reinforced phase, it was made to carbon nanotubes/Magnesium matrix composite by the foundry method in Argon...
Authors: You Shou Zhang, Yi Yu Xue, Sinian Li, Jin Huang, Cai Hua Huang
Abstract:Under the protection of argon gas, carbon nanotube reinforced magnesium metal matrix composite was made by stirring carbon nanotube into...
Authors: Xiao Feng Liu, Li Quan Li
Abstract:Hydrogen storage alloys Mg2Ni and Mg2NiH4 were synthesized at below 733 K by the process HCS. The product was examined by X-Ray diffraction...
Authors: Jianyong Cao, Zhong He Zhang, Dongxia Xiang, Jun Wang
Abstract:Magnesium, the lightest engineering structural metal, has been comprehensively used in castings of aviation and aerospace, communication and...
Authors: Qi Yu, Shao Dong Huang, Quanbo Tang, Hong Qing Zhou, Hua Qiu
Authors: Ming Bo Yang, Fu Sheng Pan, Jing Zhang, Jin Zhang
Abstract:The current status of research and application in the AZ(Mg-Al-Zn), AS(Mg-Al-Si), AE(Mg-Al-RE), AX(Mg-Al-Ca), ACM or MRI(Mg-Al-Ca-RE)and...
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