Magnesium - Science, Technology and Applications

Volumes 488-489

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Authors: Ming Yi Zheng, Xiao Guang Qiao, Shi Wei Xu, Kun Wu, Shigeharu Kamado, Yo Kojima

Abstract: Equal channel angular extrusion (ECAE) was applied to an extruded ZW1101 (Mg - 11wt%Zn - 0.9wt%Y) Mg alloy containing quasicrystallines. The...

Authors: Zan Wen Huang, Yu Yoshida, Shigeharu Kamado, Yo Kojima

Abstract: 4-pass ECAE processing was applied to two kinds of magnesium alloys, AZ31 and ZK31. Subsequently, hot rolling was carried out as a...

Authors: Jie Xing, Xu Yue Yang, Hiromi Miura, Taku Sakai

Abstract: Grain refinement in a magnesium alloy AZ31 was studied in multi-directional forging (MDF) at a strain rate of 3×10-3s-1 with decreasing...

Authors: Li Jin, Dong Liang Lin, Da Li Mao, Xiao Qing Zeng, Wen Jiang Ding

Abstract: Microstructure evolution and mechanical properties of AZ31 Mg alloy during equal channel angular extrusion (ECAE) at the temperature range...

Authors: Z. Koren, H. Rosenson, G.I. Rosen, G. Segal

Abstract: Technological barriers that relate to limited capability of magnesium extrusion technology still exist, especially for the higher alloyed...

Authors: Aiden G. Beer, Matthew R. Barnett

Abstract: The microstructural evolution during compression (at 350°C and a strain rate of 0.01s-1) was examined for magnesium alloy AZ31 received in...

Authors: Hong Shuang Di, Yong Lin Li, Zhong-liang Ning, Zheng Li, Xiang Hua Liu, Guo Dong Wang

Abstract: In order to improve the poor workability and solve the problem of difficult roughing rolling of magnesium billet, the twin roll strip...

Authors: Bin Chen, Dong Liang Lin, Xiao Qing Zeng, Chen Lu
Authors: Gaofeng Qan

Abstract: The yield and plastic deformation behaviour of wrought Mg-alloy AZ31 sheets were investigated at elevated temperatures from ambient to...

Authors: Qu Dong Wang, Yongjun Chen, Jianguo Peng, Man Ping Liu, Wen Jiang Ding, Michel Suéry, Jean Jacques Blandin

Abstract: Microstructure and mechanical properties of AM50+xTi (x=0,0.01,0.1wt%) magnesium alloys extruded from as-cast and solution treated...


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