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Authors: Victor Ivanov, E.M. Kelder, J. Schoonman, A.V. Nikonov, N.M. Pivkin, A. Kaygorodov, O.F. Ivanova, A.I. Medvedev
Authors: Qing Jie Zhang, Xin Feng Tang, Peng Cheng Zhai, Masayuki Niino, Cyoji Endo
Abstract:In 2003, a joint research project entitled “Nano and graded thermoelectric materials/Photovoltaic-thermoelectric-wind power generation” is...
Authors: Yoshikazu Shinohara, K. Ohara, Hachiro Nakanishi, Yoshio Imai, Yukihiro Isoda
Abstract:Typical conductive polymers of poly(3-alkylthiophenes) were synthesized by oxidative polymerization. Alkyl side chains were CnH2n+1 with n=4,...
Authors: Yoshio Imai, P. Zhu, Yukihiro Isoda, Yoshikazu Shinohara
Abstract:In this paper, we reported that lead telluride (PbTe) with continuous carrier concentration gradient, in which PbI2, Al and Zr were doped,...
Authors: Hitoshi Kohri, Ichiro Shiota
Abstract:Every thermoelectric material shows high performance at a specific narrow temperature range. The temperature range with high performance can...
Authors: Muhammad A. Qidwai, Jared N. Baucom, James P. Thomas, David M. Horner
Abstract:Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) thin-film solid-polymer Li-ion battery cells appear to posses the requisite physical characteristics for dual...
Authors: Masayuki Niino, Katsuto Kisara, Masahiro Mori
Abstract:In this paper, we introduce research and development in SSPS (aimed at global energy supply) in Japan. To build SSPS, we must develop ultra...
Authors: Julia Will, Ilka Gilbert, Rainer Dittmann, Håvard Haugen, Susanne Schnell-Witteczek, Erich Wintermantel
Abstract:Titania surfaces were produced via a combined tape and slurry casting process. They were structured in the mm-µm range using structuring the...
Authors: P. Vena, D. Gastaldi, R. Contro
Abstract:A numerical approach to study the crack propagation in symmetric step-wise graded Alumina/Zirconia composites subjected to a residual stress...
Authors: L. Fano, V. Fano, W.Y. Ma, X.G. Wang
Abstract:This study aimed to show that the polymerization contraction of dental light cured resin-based materials, when it was used as adhesives on...
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