Functionally Graded Materials VIII

Volumes 492-493

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Edith Ariza Avila, L.A. Rocha

Abstract: Practical applications of metal/ceramic joints can be found in the biomedical field regarding the encapsulation of implantable telemetric...

Authors: Nureddin Ashammakhi, Minna Veiranto, Sanna-Mari Niemelä, J. Tiainen, S. Leinonen, Esa Suokas, Pertti Törmälä

Abstract: To develop a successful bone fixation device that can also release therapeutic agents such as antibiotics one has to consider mechanical,...

Authors: Petr Lukáš, Miroslav Vrána, Jan Šaroun, Vasyl Ryukhtin, Jef Vleugels, Guy Anné, Omer Van der Biest, Michael M. Gasik

Abstract: New functionally graded Al2O3/Y-ZrO2 ceramics are developed as a new material for production of hip prosthesis, especially all-ceramic hip...

Authors: Saša Novak, Sabina Beranič Klopčič

Abstract: The preparation of functionally graded materials requires specially adapted shaping techniques and special attention need to be paid to...

Authors: Guy Anné, Kim Vanmeensel, Jef Vleugels, Omer Van der Biest

Abstract: Complex shaped functionally graded alumina and zirconia based femoral ball-heads for biomedical applications were shaped by electrophoretic...

Authors: Andreas Lendlein, Steffen Kelch
Authors: Kiyotaka Matsuura, Hiroshi Arita, Tatsuya Ohmi, Masayuki Kudoh, Yoshinari Miyamoto

Abstract: When a surface of a titanium disk was melted in an atmosphere of pure nitrogen using a 3D Micro Welder which was designed by the present...

Authors: J. Pavón, M. Caillate, Emilio Jiménez-Piqué, Marc Anglada, S. López-Esteban, Eduardo Saiz, Antoni P. Tomsia

Abstract: Microstructural and stress-corrosion cracking characterization of two glass-based coatings on Ti6Al4V with different SiO2 content (61% and...

Authors: S. Zouai, F.Z. Mezahi, S. Achour, Abdelhamid Harabi

Abstract: Diopside CaMgSi2O6 is an attractive material because of its multi applications. It was prepared by sintering the mixture at different...

Authors: F.Z. Mezahi, Abdelhamid Harabi, S. Zouai, S. Achour, Didier Bernache-Assollant

Abstract: In this work, the hydroxyapatite was prepared from cortical bone after calcination at 700°C during 1 hour. In order to improve mechanical...


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