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Authors: Bilge Saruhan, Mathias Stranzenbach
Authors: A. Witvrouw, A. Mehta
Abstract:It is difficult to meet all the different material and economical requirements posed to a MEMS structural layer that can be integrated with...
Authors: Christoph Häusler, Herbert Balke
Abstract:The Hilbert problems and their solutions of the near tip field for the permeable and the impermeable electrode-ceramic interfacial cracks...
Authors: S. Wenmackers, P. Christiaens, W. Deferme, M. Daenen, K. Haenen, M. Nesládek, Patrick Wagner, V. Vermeeren, L. Michiels, Martin Van de Ven, M. Ameloot, J. Wouters, L. Naelaerts, Z. Mekhalif
Abstract:Synthetic diamond is regarded as a promising material for biosensors: it forms a stable platform for genetic assays and its biocompatibility...
Authors: Cestmir Drasar, Eckhard Müller
Abstract:Recently, there is a strong interest in developing superior thermoelectric materials with the aim to improve the performance of a...
Authors: Yoshihiro Obata, Kazutoshi Takeuchi, Kouichi Akaeda, Kozo Kanayama
Abstract:Compressed wood has different grading structure in an annual ring from one of natural wood. This paper treats the relationship between...
Authors: Ik Jin Kim, Hae Jin Lee
Abstract:The problem with zeolite crystals synthesized by conventional methods is that they are extremely small: their size typically varies 2 and 8...
Authors: Yoshihisa Uchida, Shuntaro Higa, Yoshiyuki Uchida, Niichi Hayashi
Abstract:Mechanical properties of TiO2-Kaolin Functionally Graded Materials (FGMs) that combined TiO2 and Korean kaolin (Al2Si2O5(OH)4) in a graded...
Authors: Frans M.M. Snijkers, Steven Mullens, Anita Buekenhoudt, Jan Luyten, W. Vandermeulen
Abstract:Ceramic foams can be used as filters, dust collectors, light weight components and catalyst carriers. They can be produced by a variety of...
Authors: Marina Malinina, Tina Sammi, Michael M. Gasik
Abstract:Homogeneous and FGM environmental barrier coatings (EBC) made of alumina – NiCr on the steel substrates by high-velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF)...
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