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Authors: Ahmad Rezaeian, Faramarz Zarandi, D.Q. Bai, Steve Yue
Abstract:The hot strip rolling of advanced microalloyed high strength steels still represents a new task to many mills due to the lack of data on the...
Authors: Evgueni I. Poliak, John J. Jonas
Abstract:The problems associated with the use of conventional rolling mill models are described. These include the unavoidable variations in...
Authors: Fulvio Siciliano, L.L. Leduc
Abstract:Mill logs obtained from the Hylsa CSPTM (thin slab casting/direct rolling – TSC/DR) mill were examined so that the mean flow stresses at each...
Authors: Rui Zhen Wang, C. Isaac Garcia, Ming Jian Hua, Hong Tao Zhang, Anthony J. DeArdo
Abstract:The development of microstructure of Nb,Ti-bearing microalloyed steel during the CSP process was studied. Three samples were taken from the...
Authors: Yu Li, T.N. Baker
Abstract:Vanadium microalloyed steels with high yield strength (»600MPa), good toughness and ductility have been successfully produced in commercial...
Authors: P. Uranga, Ana Isabel Fernández-Calvo, Beatriz López, J.M. Rodriguez-Ibabe
Abstract:The microstructural evolution during the hot rolling of coarse grain sized austenite has been modeled taking into consideration all the...
Authors: Christian Klinkenberg, K.-E. Hensger
Abstract:The use of thin slab casting and direct rolling is well suited for the production of niobium microalloyed low-carbon high strength linepipe...
Authors: G.M. Megahed, S.K. Paul, T.A. El-Bitar, F. Ibrahim
Abstract:API X60/X70 line pipe steels are characterized by their higher strength and excellent toughness properties, which are achieved through grain...
Authors: Carlo Mapelli, Roberto Venturini, Antonio Guindani
Abstract:The effects of Nb and V on the anisotropy and textures featuring the hot rolled low carbon microalloyed steels produced by A.S.T. (Arvedi...
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