Microalloying for New Steel Processes and Applications

Volumes 500-501

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.500-501

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Authors: N. Fonstein, O. Yakubovsky, D. Bhattacharya, Fulvio Siciliano
Authors: Jiří Kliber, Bohuslav Mašek, Ondrej Zacek, H. Staňková

Abstract: Transformation induced plasticity (TRIP) steel combines high strength and high ductility that makes it particularly suitable for forming....

Authors: Michael Korchynsky

Abstract: The recent worldwide surge of steel consumption, mainly of low-strength carbon grades, has created raw-materials shortages and price...

Authors: D.Q. Bai, F. Hamad, J. Asante, S. Hansen

Abstract: Among modern weldable high strength steels, low carbon microalloyed steels have been widely used for linepipe, construction, and automobile...

Authors: Dagmar Jandová, Josef Kasl

Abstract: The possibility of mechanical properties improvement in cast low carbon manganese steels for thin-walled castings via appropriate...

Authors: Carlos García-Mateo, Francisca García Caballero, Harshad K.D.H. Bhadeshia

Abstract: The mechanical properties of a bainitic microstructure with slender ferrite plates (20-65 nm in thickness) in a matrix of carbon-enriched...

Authors: Ibrahim Hamed M. Ali, Ibrahim M. Moustafa, Ahmed Mohamed Farid, R.J. Glodowski

Abstract: To improve the strength properties of vanadium bearing low carbon steel, nitrogen is often added to the liquid steel. The source of the...

Authors: Lyudmila M. Panfilova, Leonid A. Smirnov, Peter S. Mitchell

Abstract: The chemical composition of a new vanadium-nitrogen containing steel grade (17Mn2NV) and process technology for production of At500S-class...

Authors: Klaus Hulka, A. Kern, U. Schriever

Abstract: This article offers an overview on the ways and means of the application of Nb in quenched and tempered high-strength steel plates....

Authors: Joachim Schöttler, V. Flaxa, Klaus Hulka

Abstract: Hot- and cold-rolled steel sheets are the most important substrate materials for enamelling applications. Currently, industry is actively...


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