Microalloying for New Steel Processes and Applications

Volumes 500-501

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.500-501

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Authors: D.J. Chakrabarti, Claire L. Davis, Martin Strangwood

Abstract: Bimodal grain size distributions were found in continuously cast slab and thermomechanical controlled rolled (TMCR) samples of...

Authors: Véronique Massardier-Jourdan, E. Le Patézour, F. Thiery, N. Lavaire, Jacques Merlin

Abstract: In Fe-C-Mn steels, the carbon atoms in solution can be either completely free in the iron matrix or in interaction with manganese atoms. In...

Authors: Michel Perez, Fabien Perrard, Véronique Massardier-Jourdan, Xavier Kleber, Vincent Schmitt, Alexis Deschamps

Abstract: The solubility limit of copper in iron at temperature lower than 700°C is not precisely known because copper diffusion is too slow to reach...

Authors: Aurélie Hug-Amalric, Xavier Kleber, Jacques Merlin, Hélène Petitgand

Abstract: Magnetic Barkhausen noise measurements have been carried out to characterize ferritemartensite duplex microstructures and industrial...

Authors: Ane Martínez-de-Guereñu, M. Oyarzabal, F. Arizti, Isabel Gutiérrez

Abstract: The recovery and recrystallization kinetics of a cold rolled interstitial free (IF) steel were studied during isothermal annealing. Magnetic...

Authors: Xavier Kleber, Aurélie Hug-Amalric, Jacques Merlin

Abstract: In this work, we show that the measurement of the Barkhausen noise allows the residual stresses in each of the two phases of...

Authors: Rocco Varano, A.M. Elwazri, Fulvio Siciliano, D.Q. Bai, Raynald Gauvin, Steve Yue

Abstract: Precipitation strengthening is an important parameter controlling the mechanical properties of low carbon steels. These precipitates are...

Authors: Eglantine Courtois, Thierry Epicier, Colin Scott

Abstract: Niobium is a strong carbide forming element which is often used in microalloyed steels to control the grain size during thermomechanical...

Authors: C. Iparraguirre, Ana Isabel Fernández-Calvo, Beatriz López, Colin Scott, A. Rose, W. Kranendonk, B. Soenen, G. Paul

Abstract: In this contribution strain induced precipitation of niobium carbides has been analyzed making use of different hot-rolling simulators and...

Authors: Roman Kuziak, Hansjörg Hartman, Marina Budach, Rudolf Kawalla

Abstract: The investigation was focused on the detailed description of precipitation/formation processes of TiN, TixSy, Ti4C2S2, TiC, and (Fe,Ti)P...


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