Microalloying for New Steel Processes and Applications

Volumes 500-501

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.500-501

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Authors: P.P. Suikkanen, Jukka Kömi, L. Pentti Karjalainen

Abstract: Six experimental low and ultra-low carbon C-Mn-Mo-Nb-B and one conventional TMCP steel heats have been prepared to study the effects of...

Authors: M. Klein, H. Spindler, A. Luger, R. Rauch, P. Stiaszny, M. Eigelsberger

Abstract: In all application fields for hot rolled strip products for direct processing, e.g. construction and engineering but also crane and truck...

Authors: A. Ghosh, Brajendra Mishra, Subrata Chatterjee

Abstract: In the present study HSLA steels of varying carbon concentrations, alloyed with Mn, Ni, Cr, Mo, Cu and micro-alloyed with Nb and Ti were...

Authors: Masana Imagumbai, Hiroyuki Kajioka, Hiroshi Takechi

Abstract: This report introduces a new deoxidation process that starts with a vacuum degassing followed by the addition of ferro-niobium in the same...

Authors: H. Meuser, F. Grimpe, S. Meimeth, C.J. Heckmann, C. Träger

Abstract: This paper deals with the development of low carbon NbTiB micro-alloyed high strength low alloy steel for heavy plates with high wall...

Authors: D. Ormston, Volker Schwinn, Klaus Hulka

Abstract: Steels with bainitic microstructures show the capacity to fulfil the requirements of high strength and low temperature toughness necessary...

Authors: Ho Sup Sim, Kon Bae Lee, Hyung Ryul Yang, Hoon Kwon

Abstract: Effect of the severe deformation by multi-pass rolling on microstructure and tensile properties was analyzed in terms of rolling...

Authors: Boris Z. Belenky, Leonid A. Smirnov, Iosif M. Srogovich, Peter S. Mitchell

Abstract: The effects of adding vanadium (up to 0.1%) and niobium (0.02%) to a steel containing 0.07%C – 1.5%Mn – 0.29%Si – 0.035%Al – 0.01%N have...

Authors: A.M. Elwazri, D.Q. Bai, Fulvio Siciliano, Steve Yue

Abstract: One of the components required to successfully produce high strength pipeline steel is to optimize precipitation strengthening. Some high...

Authors: G.E. Kodjaspirov, R. Sulyagin, A. Rudskoy, C. Apostolopoulos

Abstract: The effect of deformation temperature (800-1000°C) - strain accumulation (number of rolling passes: 3÷5) - cooling rate (8,6 – 25°C/s)...


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